Fort Collins Contemporary Project Underway... by Chris Turner

Our project in Fort Collins has just broke ground. Included in this small, but action-packed space is a "Spool"- a Spa and Pool combined into one. Also included is a custom fire pit, outdoor kitchen, sand exposed concrete decking and steppers, LED exterior lighting and of course color and texture in the planting pallet. We will keep you posted on progress with construction pictures and a final project shoot! How it begins...


3d RenderingView from under deck

Making a small space feel BIG... by Chris Turner

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Just because you have a small space, doesn't mean there aren't creative ways to make it "feel" bigger...One tip is to limit your plant choices. Masses of a handful of varieties, limiting to only a few colors, keeps the garden from appearing cluttered or cramped. Also, build in adequate and comfortable seating options. Built-in seating in corners can accommodate more people than a bunch of chairs, not to mention adds a more permanent feeling of interest. Lastly, adding an element such as fire or water features can create maximum impact on a small space.


Fire and Water by Chris Turner

  Fire and water are two elements that draw people into the space designed, and create that sense of contentment… Any type of reverberation or movement within the space-using fire and/or water can accomplish this feeling of relaxation and coziness…The ability to enjoy the warmth and radiance of a fire element on a summer night or even a fall night is alluring. Water elements are aesthetically pleasing on the eye, and also the soothing sound of a water fall is pleasurable. Combining both elements into a space truly creates a brilliant atmosphere.